Mission and Vision



The purpose of establishing a Clinical Immunology Research Center at Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is to provide science, technology, empower people at the regional, national and international levels to improve the quality of basic and clinical immunology related subjects.

To achieve this important your service center through:

- Perform basic and applied research in the field of disease prevention and control in various areas of basic and clinical immunology

- Introducing the status and importance of basic and clinical immunology

- Recognizing and enhancing research motivations in staff relevant to the areas of diagnosis and treatment of immune system diseases

- Introducing the bases of application of basic and clinical immunology research results

- Contribute to presenting new achievements in basic and clinical immunology and training researchers in this field.

- Appreciate motivations, efforts, new ideas, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration in medical diagnosis and encourage and support active researchers in basic and clinical immunology.

- The use of existing technologies in biomedical research and the production of applied results and help to advance knowledge and expand knowledge in this field.

- Assisting academic and research centers and other health service providers in the province and country in the implementation of preventive, control, and treatment programs for clinical immunological diseases and their associated risk factors.

- Promoting health in the community by applying credible research findings in educational, health, research and therapeutic policies and related decision-making in these areas.

- Provide a modern and advanced hardware and software platform for the prevention, control and treatment of clinical immunological diseases.

- Coordination with governmental and non-governmental organizations and institutions to provide the appropriate context for the implementation of community-based intervention plans.

- Planning and preparation of educational protocols for conducting training courses on control of clinical immunological diseases for human resources medical and medical diagnosis and preparation of educational calendar and its announcement to universities and research centers of the country

- Operational planning for training workshops, short-term continuing education courses, internal and external congresses and seminars, with training concessions and in collaboration with the University Continuing Education Office



- Establish a dynamic, leading and innovative research center in basic and clinical immunology to promote community health by improving education, research,

- Become the top pole of the Clinical Immunology Research Center in the south-east of the country so that the results of its research and innovation can be cited by relevant international communities.

- Turning this center into a WHO partner center for training and research in the control, prevention and rehabilitation of immune system diseases in the countries of the region.

- Increase the center’s share in the production, development and transfer of science and technology, and liaise and collaborate with national, regional and international scientific, academic and cultural centers.

- Attempt to launch graduate courses and meet the medical and tratment needs of clinical and immunological diseases of friendly and neighboring countries


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