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Sistan and Baluchestan province is one of the most largeness provinces in the country due to its widespread and with climatic distribution, causes a variety of diseases, including infectious and non-communicable diseases, in which among immune system diseases could lead the source of many diseases.

Unfortunately, in our country and in our beloved Sistan and Baluchestan province of Islamic Republic of Iran, accurate information about the incidence of these diseases is not available. On the other hand, considering the safety and privacy of these diseases, the study and research on the identification, control and treatment of such patients using modern and advanced cellular and molecular tools and techniques is essential. Therefore, it is important for us to establish a clinical immunology research center that play role in the development of knowledge in this province and to use all available university and basic science opportunities to enhance the knowledge in the field of medicine and related diseases are predicted to affect more than 1,400 diseases in seven main areas of basic and clinical immunology topics, including hypersensitivity, immunodeficiency, autoimmunity, cancers, organ transplants, infectious diseases and spirituality aspects.

Furthermore the history of immunology is full of surprises and has received many honors from scholars and enthusiasts.

In the past, immunology was limited to the study of immunity against microbial agents and serology was part of the science of microbiology, but today immunology is considered to be a stand-alone science in all areas of clinical medicine and in most major hospitals worldwide it plays a great role in helping physicians diagnose and treat immune disorders and disorders.

In this regard, it is no secret that today immunology science in medicine is a well-known phrase by one of the immunologists named Almorth Wright who says that the future of medical science depends on immunology and good doctors of a country must be immunozator means they have to equipped and armed with immunology.

On the other hand, it plays an important role in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment and control of diseases such as immunological diagnosis, vaccination and treatment of cancers by monoclonal antibodies conjugated with enzymes, drugs and toxins (immunotoxins) and has a great importance in health promotion.


Head of Center:

Dr. Hossein Ali Khazaei - Professor of Clinical Immunology


Zahedan - Persian Gulf Boulevard, Ali Ibn Abi Talib Hospital (AS) Second Floor - Central Hospital Laboratory.


+985433295571, Ext 1071



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Established licensing date:

Year 2015

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